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I would be lying if I said that newborn shoots arent hard work - but they are totally worth it!

Posing your little one takes time and patience, and teaming that with safety and the demands of baby means it is not unusual for newborn sessions to last between 2-4 hours.

We usually start the session in the morning between 10-10:30am. In my experience I find newborns sleep better in the morning but not too early that you have to be up at the crack of dawn if you have had a bad night.

I work in a relaxed and informal setting, there is tea, coffee and biscuits on offer, as well as free wifi (just ask!) the studio will be very warm, as most of the photographs are taken whilst baby is unclothed so it is best to dress in layers or something light so you don’t overheat.

From when you arrive, I will undress, soothe and position baby, enabling you to relax, have a hot drink and put your feet up. Feel free to bring a book or magazine too!
As baby is unclothed for the images it is best to dress baby in loose fitting clothes that can be easily removed so there will be no red marks on the skin. I find a baby grow, with no vest underneath works well and then wrapped in a blanket too for the car journey. don’t worry if baby needs a feed just before you set off, or just as you get here, as a warm baby with a full tummy is the best kind of baby for the session!

And yes, if baby is nappy-less we do have accidents. It is not uncommon for the blankets and props to be wee’d or poo’d on - even myself! Don’t feel the need to apologise or be embarrassed - it comes with the job!

Older brothers and sisters are more than welcome to come along to the session and I will try and capture some lovely shots of them. Depending on the age of the child (under 3) they tend to get bored easily, so if possible have someone on hand who can come and collect them, or take them out of the room. Shots including yourselves as parents, and either baby, or other siblings can be taken too - please let me know upon arranging your session date that this is something that you would like to include.

Items to bring to your session

Plenty of Nappies

As I work at baby pace, we may need to stop for feeding and cuddles. Nappies back on at this point are always advisable.

Plenty of Milk

If baby is bottle fed please bring more milk than would normally be required for the amount of time you will be at the studio. Babies can feed more if they are being posed and moved and due to the temperature of the room. If you are breastfeeding please remember to keep yourself hydrated, if you require privacy for feeding then please ask.


If your little one settles with a dummy then please bring it along with you to your session. Alternatively if you do not have one but wish to try one as a last resort to see if baby settles at the studio, we do have new pre-packaged ones available.


You are more than welcome to bring a pack lunch or some nibbles as sometimes sessions run over lunchtime. There is also a corner shop and butchers located nearby along with Morrisons supermarket.


Feel free to bring phones, books, magazines etc to entertain you during the session - this is your time to relax!

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