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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to book my session before baby is born?

With limited spaces within my diary per month, if you wish to capture the memories of newborn photographs then booking in before your baby is born is the best way to guarantee a newborn session with myself.

What do I do once my baby arrives?

Babies are unpredictable. Your due date is booked into my diary, but this is only a guideline.  I ask for yourself, or someone else to contact me after the birth so that we can get your session date firmed up regardless if baby is early, or late we will shuffle the diary where needed.

Why is the session scheduled for the morning?

In my experience I find that babies tend to fall into a deeper sleep in a morning session rather than in afternoon sessions, and to get all those cute squishy shots – we need baby as sleepy as we can get them!

It is likely that your little one has had you up and down during the night – so this is their time to ‘catch-up’. I do advise to try and keep your baby awake for around 1-2 hours prior to your session, and then this teamed with a feed and a settle it should make for a happy sleepy baby.

What if my baby doesn’t co-operate?

If your baby is unsettled for any reason during the session I may just need an extra little bit of time, this is why i schedule around 4 hours for the session to take place. However, if baby is very unsettled i will suggest re-arraging for another day but this doesn’t happen very often.

Can you get rid of spots, scars, baby rash etc?

yes i can, however if this is not requested originally i will leave them in and show a couple of images fully re-touched – this will mean that you will get to be able to see which images you prefer. Birthmarks and moles are not removed as these are a permanent feature of your little one.

What if i am early, or late to my session?

I only shoot one newborn a day, and i do allow 30 minutes grace as leaving the house with a new little bundle can take some getting used to. This is why I suggest a start time between 10-10:30am. If you are running later than this then i do ask if you could please let me know an eta so we can prepare if baby is unsettled.
I am in the studio earlier than your session but this is to set up and warm the space – so if you are running early please do not try and be too early or we may not be ready to start.

Will you need help in handling my baby?

From you walking through the door of the studio, I will take baby and let you relax. I will cuddle and undress baby and pose them for most of the session to get baby used to me, however sometimes baby just needs reassurance that mummy is there and may need to pass back for a cuddle, or a feed. Some of the set ups will need your help – but we will talk about this in depth before i do any of these setups, and you are always there for the safety of baby.

Can i ask you for a certain pose or set up?

You can ask to use any prop that you see in my gallery, on the wall or on the website – and everything is available to hand. However each newborn session is unique to the family, and dependant upon baby. I will not do anything that baby isn’t comfortable doing.

What happens if baby soils on your props?

Part of being a newborn photographer is that i know that wee and poo are a high risk on props and blankets – and even ourselves! Don’t apologise, or feel embarrassed, its expected.

What does my baby wear to the newborn session?

Nothing! If you look through my photographs you will see that the babies are not clothed, but I have little props, or wraps that i can use. Most of the poses that i do cannot be achieved with clothed babies. If you are wanting to keep your baby clothed then i would advise to wait until your baby is older.

Do I pay for my package on the day of the session?

Not quite. You pay our £30 booking fee, with the remainder of the session fee (£45) due on the day of your session. Then package or singular items need paying for when ordered at your viewing and ordering session.

How long will it be before i see the photos from our session?

We will book your viewing and ordering session at your newborn session to take place within approximately 10 working days after your newborn session. If requested i aim to have a sneak peek on facebook for you within 24 hours.

Where will my session take place?

Your session will take place at the Blue Lights Photography studio.

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